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Park Run Graphs

I’ve been making good progress on improving my 5km running times recently. Having some tough competition from other runners at the weekly Park Run’s in Winchester has helped, and I managed to knock out another sub-20 minute run for the second weekend on the trot.

However, when I was checking the results on the Park Run website, I thought it was a shame that they don’t show a graph of your weekly times so you could easily visualise the progress you’ve been making. Then I remembered I’m a coder and could just make it myself, so I spent an hour knocking a site together:

Park Run Graphs

I built it for myself, but if you’re a follow park runner you can add your venue name to the url to find yourself:

Or also add your athlete number into the url (if you know it) to see your own results. For example here’s someone from Winchester I grabbed at random:

Results are scraped directly from the official Park Run uk site.

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  1. Hi Matt, I was just mucking around with a spreadsheet trying to do this, but yours is much more eloquent!;) However, I’ve tried it with Sheffield Hallam results, I can see the runner list but keep getting ‘Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.’Any thoughts? It’s tantilisingly close to working, I’m sure loads of parkrunners would like to use this, good stuff!


  2. Hi Matt
    This is fantastic! I’ve just been trying to make one for my results too but this looks excellent. However I’m getting the same error message as Jon who posted above. Any ideas, as this would be amazing when it works!

  3. Hi all! Sorry for the huge delay in replying to these comments. I’ve fixed the bug so it’ll work for park run venues other than Winchester. Give it a try and let me know if you spot any more problems!

    I’d love to extend this site a bit further, but some of the data is a little difficult to grab by screen scraping (the list of venues for example). Luckily there is an official Park Run API which would be a much better way of grabbing all the data ( Unhappily, the several requests I’ve made for access have all been ignored. Will keep trying!